Why did you come and respond?

After so many years, After everything been changed, why did you come, why did you respond. I know, that was my fault, I made the mistake, I cheated on you. But we were never ment to be and we knew that and we moved on. Then why did you come and respond, when everything been changed. To let me know we can never be, to let me know you moved on, to let me know you waited. We knew that would happen, we knew that if we could be, that time is not now. Then why did you come, why did you respond. I wish I could go back in time, I wish I could change the dicision  I opt for, I wish we could be as we wished we could. But these are only wishes and we know that. Then why did you come and respond, when you are to be with someone else. You know how much happy I am to find you, how much happy to know you are happy, how much happy I am, just to talk to you. Then why don’t you respond and why don’t you let me know how you are, how have you been. I know I made a mistake, I regret it so much that I can die for it. But please let me know how you are or at least let me know you can never talk to me again but just talk, just responded to this question. I know I made a mistake and I cannot say enough sorry for it. But just let me know you are happy and you can never talk with me again but please respond. If you just wanted let me know we are never going to be, which we already knew, why did you come and why did you respond. I don’t know why your silence is killing me now, where you have been silent for years and we moved on. I just know my eyes wants to see you one last time, my ears wants to hear your voice one last time and my heart wants to beat one last time. If you knew this would happen, why did you come and respond, where you had the chance to ignore, just like you are doing now.


Good Design V/S Bad Design

There is no good design or bad design… It’s just our perspective to look at a certain design. To put it in a line,

“Good Design” means if the design turns into a person, they will look good…

As Different person have a different perspective of looking at a person or judging  them, they certainly will like different designs. An individual person will look at a certain design according to his environment. Never the less, a trending design is loved by everyone, like a new fashion style is eye-catching. However, the designer needs to change the design by the continuation of time as the trend of today might not be nurtured tomorrow. As a torn up dress isn’t preferred by anyone so as the torn up design. Where a well nurtured old design might turn into a classic design, which will eventually attract many.

Freedom of making Mistakes

Have you ever regret a decision you made or followed a wrong path you chose? Whether your answer is Yes or No mine is definitely yes and for a lot of them. Well then the worst thing happened. My family members, my friends even the closest ones threw bad comments for my actions. Unintentionally, what happened was I was caged by those words and feeling suffocated. I couldn’t do my daily chores properly let alone focus on my goals until I said to my mind that I don’t care about them and moved on. I felt the freedom flowing through every single nerves of my body and here I am now programming and developing websites.

On this node Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi in his own words said-

“Freedom is not worth having if it doesn’t include the freedom to make mistakes”

Yesterday when I encountered with is quote I thought I am a free to make mistakes. Later on I remembered that, to err is human. And living in a free country someone punishes us for doing something we naturally do, how can we be free. 

The Almighty Creator sent us to this world as a free men, giving us a single screaptur in our hand saying what is good and what is bad and gave us our whole life to make mistakes and understand from them. So who can judge us better then our own Creator. 

Thomas Edison in his process of making light bulb he said I didn’t fail yet learned 10,000 ways not to make it. He learned from every single mistake from those 10,000 ways. 

Allen Watt in one of his speech spoke about a boy, who was enthusiast of playing piano. He had a teacher who stroke on that boy’s finger every time he played a wrong node. For some reason the boy shifts town. There he got himself a mentor. When he played to his mentor he stumbled every time when he played the wrong node. His gracious mentor asked him not to stop the flow of music even if you play wrong, just play. Eventually the boy turned out to be one of the best piano player.

You will make mistakes because it’s natural. But don’t stumble, don’t stop the flow of your life, move on and learn from your mistakes. One day, this freedom you earned within you, will give you the wings that a bird gets when he gets out of that cage.

Obsessed Followers

No human is perfect rather than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There is  none who have not done any bad work or had any bad characteristic in his lifetime. If you follow that person because of his one or two strong personality and get to know all about him you might get influenced by his bad deeds or demotivated after following him for like 7 to 8 years of your valuable life. At that time you might think your’s 7 years have been wasted. Rather you just follow their legacy, their good characteristic and cherish your life better than him. It’s your life and you only get it once. Don’t waste it judging others or following them. Make good characteristic your center of concern, make their life as an example and lead your own life beautifully. Make your own Legacy.


A good friend of mine meetup with a very strong personal in a seminar. He was pretty much obsessed with that personal that he wanted to be like him one day. He said that the personal spoke what his heart desired. But many of the people of that seminar were against the speaker. He was a good speaker and a good leader in his field but many of them were demotivated by his words. My friend couldn’t stand others ill-talking about that personal. He was willing to go against his own friends to defend Him. Then the lines above changed his intention and I thought to share these line with you. Really, just think for once and you yourself will get the true answer.


Hundreds of days have passed.. My System is crashing now with lots of bugs and overloads. Its making lots of miscalculations and showing wrong results…if it had a re-start button!!!

I’m not saying I am not functioning rather saying I am malfunctioning.. Its not that I can’t live like that, its just that I can’t live making so many err in life… Think of a calculator which calculates wrong… a computer making wrong outputs.. who buys that or even keeps that shit??

I’m not saying I need to reset may life from the day I was born, just that the day when my systems where working perfectly … Think that you can only buy one computer for your entire life and you bought the one that suits you the most. Your computer runs perfectly well for about 17 years and then starts accepting bugs and junk.. After three yours of adding this junks the pc is making wrong outputs will you kill your pc?? remember you can’t afford another…

Wish It had a restart button!!!

Thoughts $1

Some Girls don’t deserve to get love. They really don’t feel what others feel for them or how much some one loved. Love doesn’t have the measurement scale but it does have depth. When you are in a relationship with someone you should be patient and hold yourself with the sweet memories of  your lover. They really don’t ask much from you for what they did for you. they just want your patience with smile in return. Is that heavy for you? Is that only little thing eats you all the time that you become so angry with it and just throw it in the dustbin like a junk!! Our harts are not made of rock miss. Its made with love.

When you became sad I did too, when you become happy I do too, when you was sick it was I who became mad to cure you, when you were angry with me it was I who kissed you to calm you anger and tried my hard and soul to re-solve myself, when everyone hated you it was I who hold your hand and said I love you, it was I who took your anger as your love and never complained, it is me who is always by your side and it will be me who will hold your hand when your new husband through you out as you say. So why did you not waited for me!! You were not well then I know, it hurt me as much it hurt you. That’s why I am doing all so. But fairly ask yourself are you happy now when your chosen husband dose things without your wish!!

After all these years you did not get me. You couldn’t understand my depth of love!! But I still love you like I did before and always love you!!