Some Girls don’t deserve to get love. They really don’t feel what others feel for them or how much some one loved. Love doesn’t have the measurement scale but it does have depth. When you are in a relationship with someone you should be patient and hold yourself with the sweet memories of  your lover. They really don’t ask much from you for what they did for you. they just want your patience with smile in return. Is that heavy for you? Is that only little thing eats you all the time that you become so angry with it and just throw it in the dustbin like a junk!! Our harts are not made of rock miss. Its made with love.

When you became sad I did too, when you become happy I do too, when you was sick it was I who became mad to cure you, when you were angry with me it was I who kissed you to calm you anger and tried my hard and soul to re-solve myself, when everyone hated you it was I who hold your hand and said I love you, it was I who took your anger as your love and never complained, it is me who is always by your side and it will be me who will hold your hand when your new husband through you out as you say. So why did you not waited for me!! You were not well then I know, it hurt me as much it hurt you. That’s why I am doing all so. But fairly ask yourself are you happy now when your chosen husband dose things without your wish!!

After all these years you did not get me. You couldn’t understand my depth of love!! But I still love you like I did before and always love you!!



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