Hundreds of days have passed.. My System is crashing now with lots of bugs and overloads. Its making lots of miscalculations and showing wrong results…if it had a re-start button!!!

I’m not saying I am not functioning rather saying I am malfunctioning.. Its not that I can’t live like that, its just that I can’t live making so many err in life… Think of a calculator which calculates wrong… a computer making wrong outputs.. who buys that or even keeps that shit??

I’m not saying I need to reset may life from the day I was born, just that the day when my systems where working perfectly … Think that you can only buy one computer for your entire life and you bought the one that suits you the most. Your computer runs perfectly well for about 17 years and then starts accepting bugs and junk.. After three yours of adding this junks the pc is making wrong outputs will you kill your pc?? remember you can’t afford another…

Wish It had a restart button!!!


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