Obsessed Followers

No human is perfect rather than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There is  none who have not done any bad work or had any bad characteristic in his lifetime. If you follow that person because of his one or two strong personality and get to know all about him you might get influenced by his bad deeds or demotivated after following him for like 7 to 8 years of your valuable life. At that time you might think your’s 7 years have been wasted. Rather you just follow their legacy, their good characteristic and cherish your life better than him. It’s your life and you only get it once. Don’t waste it judging others or following them. Make good characteristic your center of concern, make their life as an example and lead your own life beautifully. Make your own Legacy.


A good friend of mine meetup with a very strong personal in a seminar. He was pretty much obsessed with that personal that he wanted to be like him one day. He said that the personal spoke what his heart desired. But many of the people of that seminar were against the speaker. He was a good speaker and a good leader in his field but many of them were demotivated by his words. My friend couldn’t stand others ill-talking about that personal. He was willing to go against his own friends to defend Him. Then the lines above changed his intention and I thought to share these line with you. Really, just think for once and you yourself will get the true answer.


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