Freedom of making Mistakes

Have you ever regret a decision you made or followed a wrong path you chose? Whether your answer is Yes or No mine is definitely yes and for a lot of them. Well then the worst thing happened. My family members, my friends even the closest ones threw bad comments for my actions. Unintentionally, what happened was I was caged by those words and feeling suffocated. I couldn’t do my daily chores properly let alone focus on my goals until I said to my mind that I don’t care about them and moved on. I felt the freedom flowing through every single nerves of my body and here I am now programming and developing websites.

On this node Mahatma Karamchand Gandhi in his own words said-

“Freedom is not worth having if it doesn’t include the freedom to make mistakes”

Yesterday when I encountered with is quote I thought I am a free to make mistakes. Later on I remembered that, to err is human. And living in a free country someone punishes us for doing something we naturally do, how can we be free. 

The Almighty Creator sent us to this world as a free men, giving us a single screaptur in our hand saying what is good and what is bad and gave us our whole life to make mistakes and understand from them. So who can judge us better then our own Creator. 

Thomas Edison in his process of making light bulb he said I didn’t fail yet learned 10,000 ways not to make it. He learned from every single mistake from those 10,000 ways. 

Allen Watt in one of his speech spoke about a boy, who was enthusiast of playing piano. He had a teacher who stroke on that boy’s finger every time he played a wrong node. For some reason the boy shifts town. There he got himself a mentor. When he played to his mentor he stumbled every time when he played the wrong node. His gracious mentor asked him not to stop the flow of music even if you play wrong, just play. Eventually the boy turned out to be one of the best piano player.

You will make mistakes because it’s natural. But don’t stumble, don’t stop the flow of your life, move on and learn from your mistakes. One day, this freedom you earned within you, will give you the wings that a bird gets when he gets out of that cage.


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