I am Ayman, Mir Ayman Ali to be exact. My idols are Sir Albert Einstein and iGenius Steve Jobs. Hope to reach my destiny one day to become a Better programmer. I try to follow the ideology of Steve Jobs

Stay hungry, Stay foolish

Me in brief:

I was born in Bangladesh at 29th of August in 1995. I live in a middle class family. My father is a businessman. He ran a cassette company back then. And no sooner it became a CD company as the tech industry was growing every day and so he bought some pc. I was first introduced to a computer when I was 8. It was a magical thing to me.I played lots of games then but I was more interested in what was inside those folders and so on. As I grew bigger I wanted to know more and more but resources was to little for me. My country was developing but not like our neighbor countries. So no internet and nothing..just a Windows operated pc with some games and that’s it. I don’t know it was more unfortunate or fortunate that I came to know about programming at the age of 17!!!! 9 years I have passed with it but didn’t know what programming was..2 years have passed now I am beginning to learn about programming. C, html, CSS ..learned a bit of everything but not i was studying HSC for passed 2 years..exams will end up soon and I will start programming from the beginner stage again and share some little problems with all.. I hope this new journey of my coded life will help beginners like me..

Let our lives be like,

f(x)= x * t * 2.hunger * 5.foolish

where x= {coding languages}, t=+Z sec;


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